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This fragranceappears to be aimed at a “youthful” customer who likes office friendly, non gourmand florals; you’ll probably enjoy itif you’re a fan ofL’Occitane’s various Cherry Blossom scents or any number of mass market best sellerslike the Marc Jacobs collection. In fact, I could pretty much re use Robin’s summaryof Marc Jacobs Lola here: “Like so many of the department store fragrances released over the past few years, [Fan di Fendi Blossom] smells instantly familiar, and it no longer seems worth taking the time to figure out just which other fragrances it smells like.” As for me, I personally prefer “regular” Fan di Fendi. Actually, I truly prefer the original Fendi fragrance fragrance, a spicy heavy hitter from the 1980s, but that oneis gone forever.

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