Learning is a surrender of our illusions of control

If you’re hoping for a bit of extra lottery luck this week, perhaps living in the home of a former winner might make some good fortune rub off on you and now you can do just that. Roy Gibney, 63, has put the property he bought with his 7.4million jackpot back in 1998 for sale with a price tag of 1.125million. The six bedroom house in Barnoldby le Beck near Grimsby was originally bought for just 375,000 but since then it has been through some serious upgrades including the addition of an indoor swimming pool complete with the winning numbers on the bottom (main image).

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Stella McCartney replica The name of their brother, and problems. The poor children health. The special will be seen. When our intention is to learn about love and truth, our energy opens and creativity flows. Learning is a surrender of our illusions of control. Our choice to learn rather than control, and to move into and trust our imagination, opens us to the flow of creativity, as well as to the love, peace, joy and wisdom of Spirit.. Stella McCartney replica

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