261) The CIA had a “disposal list” of fifty eight key


Sex Doll Case

From Triangular Trade to Settlement Through the Slave Trade, Africa Has Undergone a Transformation
For a Long Time Africa suffers the evil spirit of these people who in reality have created a very powerful god who is indispensable. After initiating pedophilia, giving dogs a human identity, accepting pornography, making sodomy a virtue, replacing the man by the machine, legalized the homosexuality, today people that this shitty world considers as an example come to soil and to insult the human intelligence by presenting us a toy, an object, precisely A SEXUAL DOLL to be saying this is a moral and psychological aberration, http://www.bestsellersbag.com technology is supposed to help and make human existence more effective but unfortunately it is not the case. And what hurts me is the base victim of these actions which is unfortunately unconscious by making the apology of this degradation of the
Like homosexuality, the sex dolls must be strictly forbidden in all the African countries.

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