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Many people have discovered that owning a Jessys's Pizza franchise has many benefits. Are you looking for an opportunity to use your experience in this industry and become your own boss? Please look at the information below and use the contact form to contact us about your future as a Jessy's franchisee.

Robert & Roger Hammam
Owners, Jessy's Pizza

What qualifications do I need?
The only real requirements Jessys's Pizza has for it's potential franchisees is a clean criminal record and experience in the industry.

Is there a training program?
There is in fact a training program.  All successful franchisees will have to participate in the Jessy's Pizza Franchise training program.  The program runs in Lower Sackville and all candidates will work with Robert Hammam for 3-6 months to learn the Jessy's Pizza products and standards of the restaurants.

How much does a franchise cost?
The cost of a franchise can depend on many factors such as equipment cost and construction costs to name two.  A franchise will typically cost between $70,000 and $130,000.

What are my responsibilities in running the franchise?
1 – Maintain the standards and customer satisfaction of the Jessy's Pizza Franchise as well as follow direction from the corporate office.
2 – The day to day operation of the store.  This includes but is not limited to hiring, managing and paying staff, ordering of food, paying store bills like phone, boxes and flyers.

What is included in the price of a franchise?
Once you find a location that is suitable, you will get everything you need to open your franchise.  All equipment and construction where needed as well as installation is covered.

How do I apply?
The best way is to use the contact form on this website.

Are there any ongoing payments?
Yes.  In addition to your initial investment you are required to pay 2.5% of your gross sales to the corporate office.  This is the only franchise fee and covers costs such as Yellow Pages advertising, radio ads and website as well as flyer design costs.