The little Bouba is resuscitating Ivorian
Bouba is not

The planes getting old? Yes, she said. We taking a look at renewing the fleet? Yes. Reviews are a normal process for all military equipment and looking at this fleet is not related to any particular incident with any of the planes. The little Bouba is resuscitating Ivorian
Bouba is not only a martyr but also a martyr
Bouba martyr, because he died as a martyr like all those children unjustly killed for human sacrifices whose goals are well known: To become rich, to be elected, to seduce, to revenge,

It was necessary that our national baby was unjustly sacrificed for obscure reasons to understand that the Ivorians can surpass their different and speak of the same one
We have seen proGbagbo, ProOuattara, Prorien, Muslims, Christians, unbelievers, crying together. Thanks to Bouba, we have borne tears in our eyes Hermes Replica because the pain is common. Future of our children and therefore of our nation)

Yes, Bouba has awakened the flame of original ivoirit (the union and solidarity between the Ivorians).

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