READ: Graduation photo shows ‘Black Women Do Breastfeed'”The

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Fake Designer Bags But there were also plenty of voices in the anti breastfeeding in public camp.Lee, who lives in Atlanta and hosts a blog called Vain Mommy, believes people’s “uneasiness” with breastfeeding in public stems from the perception of women as sexual objects.”Women buy into that idea,” she said. “If we use our breasts for anything other Replica Handbags than ‘play’ it’s not okay.”Earlier this month, in connection with Breastfeeding Awareness Month, Lee joined 50 other nursing moms, members of a group called the “Badass Breastfeeders of Atlanta,” for a “Big Latch On” event where they nursed together in public and were joined by their families and other bystanders.Part of the goal, says Lee, was to help communities support breastfeeding in public places.READ: Graduation photo shows ‘Black Women Do Breastfeed'”The message is simply: Nursing is normal anytime, anywhere. Any way.”Lee says she’s never been asked to leave a restaurant or store while she was breastfeeding but says it’s probably because she’s a “shy” nurser, who has been self conscious because of people’s discomfort with breastfeeding in public.”Sadly, it has affected me, and I’m sure other moms have been (affected) too.”READ: Breast feeding in church? Pope says yesYears of experience have certainly made some mothers, like Stephanie Dulli of Washington much more comfortable breastfeeding in public.On Facebook, Dulli shared how with her first baby, she nursed privately in the back room of her home when company was over. With her second, she nursed publicly but covered up. Fake Designer Bags

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