Sophisticated data analytics run background checks on

He sustained minor injuries.The fifth death was in northeast Arkansas, where an 83 year old man was killed after high winds toppled a trailer home. Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller told KAIT TV that Albert Foster died Saturday night after the home was blown into a pond.About 50 miles away, the National Weather Service said the roof was blown off a hotel in Osceola, about 160 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee.In Middle Tennessee, the National Weather Service on Sunday confirmed an EF 2 tornado with maximum winds of 120 mph hit Clarksville on Saturday.Montgomery County Sheriff Office spokeswoman Sandra Brandon said at least four homes were destroyed and dozens of others were damaged, while 75 cars at a tire plant parking lot had their windows blown out or were tossed onto one other.look at what I looking at and know we didn lose anybody is just a miracle, Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett told The Leaf Chronicle.At Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, a teenage girl was hit by falling debris at a college basketball game after an apparent lightning strike knocked a hole in the arena roof Saturday night. School director of marketing and digital media Kevin Young said the 15 year old girl was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

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