Macron won the May 7 election with a resounding 66% of the vote

But, of course, it isn’t China using trickery to make their army look bigger than it is, it’s just very disciplined troops marching in ridiculously well drilled ranks. It’s pretty difficult to spot the irregularities, even when you know it’s a real picture they’re not just in the same pose, they’re all exactly the same height and body type, as well. It looks more like one of the too perfect, computer generated clone armies from one of the Star Wars prequels.

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Hermes Replica Belt “While we were sleeping, Putin won the Italian election,” the Twitter user Southpawwrote this morning. Far right and anti Europe parties did very well in that election. It’s still unclear who the new prime minister will be. Attorneys. “It has strained our public health and law enforcement resources and bankrupted countless families across this country. Courthouse and elsewhere that may mark the beginning of an intensified federal effort to address the uncontrolled drug epidemic sweeping the country.. Hermes Replica Belt

Hermes Handbags His centrist La Republique En Marche! party, which has never held a single seat in parliament, will need a strong parliamentary presence to push Macron’s legislative agenda through.Emmanuel Macron tricky to do list after French electionThe party is scrambling to get 577 candidates together to contest every seat in the country ahead of vote, on June 11 and 18.It named 428 candidates on Thursday, half of them women and more than half from outside the political establishment, fulfilling a party pledge made in January. Of the established politicians, the party has attracted candidates from both the left and right, causing panic among traditional parties facing mass defections.Macron won the May 7 election with a resounding 66% of the vote, but his mandate may not be as strong as those numbers suggest. Many in France made it clear that they were casting their votes against Le Pen, rather than for Macron.Bidding farewell to HollandeMacron’s inauguration ceremony was steeped in French ritual and tradition.He arrived at the Elysee Palace Sunday morning and walked down a long red carpet, where he was greeted by outgoing President Francois Hollande.The two men shook hands between the French and European Union (EU) flags, a reminder of France’s prominent role in the 28 member bloc and Macron’s commitment to the EU.In accordance with tradition, Macron escorted Hollande to his car. Hermes Handbags

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