Tiff Hanny case ” fired ” his ” nanny ” (daughter of

Heho stop your nonsense we talk about the most important municipality of our country there! Why is it still necessary for us to encourage foreigners to subjugate us?
To run a business is not necessarily to manage a country or a municipality.

Patrice Talon is more successful than him in business. But it is not so good president we see him in
What hurts me is that you’ll see he has double.

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Replica Hermes Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.. Tiff Hanny case ” fired ” his ” nanny ” (daughter of households)

A simple Analysis

In a publication on the forum the Democratic Observatory of Ivory Coast (ODCI), a lady, under the name of Tiff Hanny reports that following the discovery by her of antiretrovirals in the bag of her daughter of households, she immediately after this publication which was variously interpreted by the forum members, Lady Tiff Hanny apologized and assured to have acted under the In this case, it is possible to identify two – Justice can she sentence Lady Tiff Hanny for dismissal on the basis of discrimination even though she acted in the best interest of his child?
– Lady Tiff Hanny was not limited to the “dismissal” of the young lady, she has, under her post, published the identity of the woman of households, by dissuading anyone from the

1-On the issue of “dismissal” on the basis of discrimination For some lawyers, the use of the term “dismissal” can be exaggerated and ultimately inappropriate in the case of This is because in our country, despite efforts to provide legal guidance for this occupation (house daughters), the sector is still informal to the point where either the housewives decide on their own to stop working without notice. Or it is the boss who returns them without any other form of trial (recruitments are made outside any legal framework). The importance of this case lies therefore in the level of protection provided for by the law of 11 July 2014 on the prevention, protection and repression regime in the fight against HIV and In principle, according to Article 52 of this law, “Is punished with imprisonment for three to twelve months and a fine of However, the reason for dismissal could set an interesting precedent in our
2- On theissue of the publication of the identity of the young lady on social networks
Sur (ODCI), Lady Tiff Hanny published the identity of the young woman by dissuading anyone who would be tempted to recruit her because she According to Article 53 of the Act of 11 July 2014, “is punishable by imprisonment for three to twelve months and a fine of NB: For all practical purposes, it must be brought before the judge or not, this case has the merit to warn us against the words and the acts that we pose on the networks Beugre Sylvain, Doctor in Public Law, Specialist of the humans right. Replica Hermes

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