This is one of the reasons arcades rely on fighters for

However, most people don’t play Fighting Games for their single player modes, at least today; rather, the multiplayer is the meat and potatoes of most any modern Fighting Game. If you go to a reputable arcade with Fighting Games, you’ll often see many people playing them. Depending on your skill level, playing against a random opponent can range from very easy to Nintendo Hard; the latter especially if you’re a new player. This is one of the reasons arcades rely on fighters for profit: instead of just playing the same stages or CPU controlled opponents over and over, a player can come across opponents of all skill levels and styles, and it’s this aspect that makes fighting games very popular for multiplayer and has given birth to the Fighting Game Community. This is also one of the reasons that home versions come out far more often on consoles; most PC monitors just aren’t big enough for more than one person.

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