We qualified happiness in terms of individual satisfaction the

In the study, “happiness” meant whatever the person who filled out the survey wanted it to mean. We qualified happiness in terms of individual satisfaction the overall satisfaction one has with one’s own life. We asked how satisfied people felt with their lives as a whole.

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I am going to enumerate you some shits of which speaks Donald Trump of Africa:

– It is when the Benin decrees a day of national mourning in memory of the French during the bombing of Paris is this shit which Mr. Trump is doing
-It’s When Macky Sall moves the council of his ministers to Paris and has it presided over by the French Prime Minister here again shit which Mr Trump alluded to

-It’s when Burkina Faso students call for France Africa to Mr Macron here is the crap Mr Trump refers to

-When the African Union lets NATO water the desert Libyan leader of his bomb tonnages to kill Muammar Gaddafi and recognize after a rebellion condemned by the same charters of the United Nations, the rights of the – This is When the AU makes sponsor Mr Sarkozy at the summit of the AU then she would have chosen a Mandela, Raoulinx, Alpha Oumar
-When constitutions are pietined at Congo, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Togo,
-When after 40 years of reigning Oumar bongo he is succeeded by his son to continue the same France Africa of his father, it is this shit that speaks Mr. Trump

-When Ivorian ministers make selfies to say goodbye to Macron’s plane until he’s in the air here is the shit Mr. Hermes Bags Replica

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